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Actual trading events where things went very wrong - and the ways to avoid them


The Six Sure-Fire Ways to Fail Trading Commodities:

5) Load Up With Everything You Have in Your Account


We?ve all browse the same stuff about commodity trading management of your capital...about how we need to only risk 5-10% of our own account one any single trading idea, etc. Much with the trading folklore is false, but this one idea will be the truth.


During the last 2006 gold commodity market increases, I sometimes chatted with commodity futures brokers about the anonymous connection between their clients who traded their particular accounts. No names, just results. There was one futures and option trader who stood out. He was right regarding the gold market. He hated buying way out-of-the-money inflated options on futures (rightly so) and stayed with futures contracts only.


He was obviously a brave soul who had about $100,000 to do business with and held maybe 5 futures contracts for the long term. As gold futures moved in the $500/oz area toward $650, he was making a good score. I was proud hearing of his ability to sit through the corrections and increase the around the dips. He was approximately about 12 futures contracts. His protective stops were down maybe 25 full points away from your action. His stops were safe at the time since the volatility was mild. His would have been a textbook campaign thus far.


Then came the day when the gold futures market took its first sharp dip and stopped him out. He made about $60,000 around the trade, but was angry he got stopped out. The gold market shot to popularity again for the upside. He lost his discipline and started buying breakouts. Gold futures contracts went right into a nasty chopping range for a month as he bought futures most days and also got stopped out for losses.

Determine your objectives in terms of short and long-term.

He was livid. He then started buying larger lots and moving his stops farther away. The market always figures a means to screw almost all at a single serious amounts of continued to consider him out. In short order he gave back the $60K profit and a few of his principal.

Once the objectives are finalized, seek the investments to buy.

This was his second warning to stop and close the lid on on himself, but he didn?t receive the message. The gold market had changed from your trending market to a chop. Finally he chose to change his tactics and join?em inside chop game. He started buying 20-lot futures within the middle of the night with stop loss orders some amount of money away. This wasn?t his game anf the husband lost again, dropping another $50K. The market started to trend up again because he added more new money to his account to get the breakouts. The days were running out with this gold bull leg. Gold future contracts were sometimes having daily swings of $50. It was totally Jaws V.

Calculate the degree of risk to face up to it.

Then he decided he needed to buy gold call options to survive this intra-day and overnight volatility. He loaded high on strikes at 900 and 1000,? far out-of-the-money. At concerning this time gold futures contracts finally made their top at a minimum of $700/oz because he correctly forecast inside the beginning. He would are actually up over $120K by simply sitting tight.

Determine your location with regards to needs and goals.

Since that period, gold futures have declined sharply in the low $530 range. His option account eroded to worthless. While holding call options, he'd gotten stubborn and decided the marketplace wouldn't normally boot him out, it doesn't matter what. Does this circumstance?

Make sure you've got time for you to continue your commitments.

What will we study from this? He started out well, however developed a plethora of errors inside the end. He had a fixed scenario, lost his discipline, traded too large for his account and bought far out-of-the-money gold options which were inflated in value. It?s sad, really. The saddest part is that he was correct for the direction with the gold futures market! He KNEW gold was rising and had started buying futures contracts within the lower $500/oz zone.

Be consistent and organized. Make thorough efforts in anything you do.

He was right as rain for a lot of months and was doing fine. But the marketplace changed from your trending, to a chopping, then finally to some bearish decline. This is quite normal in normal markets. Remember to always trade to get a normal market! He was always looking for any classic gold-bug blow-off scenario. Sure it's going to happen again someday, but not often enough to risk cash it each time.

Be ready to accept all of the new thoughts and obtain your myths of your respective bag.

SOLUTION: The moral of the story is back to our 5%-10% management of their bucks rule. ALL the bad things in this tale could are actually greatly softened if he risked only 10% or less on anyone trading idea. He would still be trading. It?s no crime to have sloppy and lose our discipline. We are human and definately will also have trading issues. But an all-or-nothing attitude will sink us each and every time. (Read a few of my lessons on "Win-Loss Ratios and Risk")

Develop your own personal plans and play your individual games.

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Access quality investment information available on the internet.

There is substantial likelihood of loss trading futures and options and might not be suited to all types of investors. Only risk capital ought to be used.

Diversify your knowledge and investments plans to various channels.


Making the decision to purchase or sell, stock, futures or options under time limits may turn to be disasters. Never feel pressurized without notice.


Try to cut back risks, as much as possible.

Always use stop-loss orders to guard capital when you make a trade.


Never overtrade with under-capitalized accounts.


Move your stop loss to lock the profit in as soon as the deal gets profitable.


Be a tail towards the trade trend. Trading against the trend without reasonable stops may harm a lot.


When you might be unsure with the fluctuations from the market, it can be useless to trade. Rather quitting is really a smart move then.


Avoid stagnant and volatile markets.


It works to trade in a niche that is trending having a number of greater than 100,000 daily.


Do not place all your profits in re-investments. Rather it's highly recommended to save lots of profits where you can surplus account.


Develop strategies and financial plans and focus on other alternatives of investments.


Always be well informed over the sources available.


Watch financial market news certainly get from the moods in the market.


Never run after tips. Refer them and use your own brains.


Invest in long-term investments, since there are greater odds of recovering returns in the lasting.


The short-term market being too fluctuating could cause severe problems towards the one.


Evaluate your savings well.


State those invoved with objective terms hat are really easy to use for future reference.


A well-researched and well-done valuation is timeless.


Ask for your help of one's broker or a fundamental analyst.


Always choose a thorough searching before getting into the investment world.


Evaluate and analyze your decisions well in future in order to avoid repetition with the same mistakes.


Select a brilliant broker and use his experience to fetch better returns.


Always seek for cheap brokerage firm but don't compromise on the quality of services supplied by them.


Grab the opportunities of discount brokers.


When investing online, understand that online bets are not always instant.


It gets delayed as a result of high-traffic around the net roughly.


Other technological faults like modem, computer and service provider may also act as a hindrance in your investment.


While purchasing share market always set your price limits on fast moving stocks.


Market orders vs. limit orders rule should be followed.


In case you might be not capable of access your online account get an alternative for placing the trade in advance.


Take some time to usually do not assume that your order has not been placed. It could potentially cause repetition of one's order and therefore, may fetch your losses.


Make sure the cancellation from the order spent some time working before ordering another trade.


If you purchase a security in cash account, you need to pay it off before you flip it.


Reread your margin agreement, as in case you trade on margin, your broker can market your securities without giving a margin call.


Get to know concerning the legal terms.


Talk to your broker and internet-based firm in the event of some misunderstanding in investing.


Know what you are buying and risking in industry.


Bernard Baruch once asserted If you want to earn money, big bucks, buy whatever has been thrown away.


Do your research prior to making a smart investment.


Be alert for any alarms of losses.


Do not expect your broker to recommend the stock that could double your cash in couple of months itself.


Don't be greedy and sell the stock that increases considerably i.e. 50% or even more.


Don't be impulsive and take calculated risks.


Don't buy a share on a hot rumor; you'll get burned 90% in the time.


Consider tax-planning and income-splitting techniques.


Go for values of stocks.


Maintain a well-evaluated portfolio.


Keep a watch everywhere. Look for bonds of the companies that are out of favor too.


Be an above average trader.


Prepare a checklist for investment.


Make sure that the money you're investing is critical to your financial survival.


Beware of internet stock fraud.


Verify your investment i.e. do not just count on your broker, ask other items of advice too.


Every time you invest, appraise the risk/return profile of your respective investment prior to actually investing it.


Also, look closely at how easily the investment could be turned back to cash, in the event.


Compare and contrast stock trading solutions with other options.


It is additionally vital that you ascertain one?s risk appetite.


Make sure you follow some precautions before investing, like making sure your broker is registered and not a fraud.


Make sure stock trading documentation is in order.


Remember the stock investment might be risky as any other investment; thus, assess the risks associated with a particular move.| Highlighted stocks include Agnico-Eagle Mines (AEM), Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX), IAMGOLD Corporation (IAG), Goldcorp Inc. (GG) and Eldorado Gold Corporation (EGO).